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Google Keep for Research Notecards

posted Feb 29, 2016, 11:14 AM by Katie Harmon   [ updated Feb 29, 2016, 12:40 PM ]
The thought dawned on me today that Google Keep is a nice little tool that students can use like research note cards. It's not a perfect solution but it has it's perks! Check these out:
  • Organize notecards by topic (label)
  • Organize and color code by text
  • Keyword search
  • Send all notes to one Google Doc
  • Collaborate or share each note, or wait until you create the Doc to share.
  • Work alongside to-do lists and reminders
  • Include images and voice recordings in your notes
Step 1:
Start a new note:

Step 2:
Add a label - This would be the topics by which you would be organizing your paper in a traditional notecard taking scenario. 
Then, filter by color (see right). 

Google Keep Add Label


Google Keep Filter by Label

Step 3: 
Color code by text, subtopic, or fact vs opinion; whatever works for your visual organization. Then, filter by color.

Google Keep Color Code and Filter Notes

Step 3: 
Reorganize how you think you might want the notes to show up in your paper in order.

Google Keep Reorganize Notes

Step 4:
Select all notes (check one, hit CTRL A or Command A on your keyboard to select all). Send to Google Doc. Open Google Doc.

Google Keep Send to Google Doc


Google Keep Open Google Doc with Notes