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a little about who I am...
The one thing thing that you absolutely must know about me is that I love my job! I am incredibly passionate about helping teachers learn more about how they can use technology to engage students, use data to drive instruction, and maximize their workflows.  One of my favorite parts of my job is working with teachers on specific lessons and projects with which I can co-teach and interact with students. Collaboration is invigorating and takes teaching to the next level!

Much of my time in education has been spent teaching secondary English Language Arts. Through my experiences, I found that I loved using Google Apps and other tools that gave my students anytime, anywhere access to learning, engaged their minds, and helped to foster 21st Century skills. My teaching style slowly moved from being the lecturer and note-giver in front of the classroom using an overhead projector, to the teacher that was the facilitator and students were responsible for their own learning. 

I am also an avid runner and foodie. I love new adventures whether culinary or outdoors. I  have a teenage daughter (Chloe), a golden doodle (Charlie), and an amazing partner (Vicente). I am truly one of those people that tries to live life to it's fullest!

For more information about my professional career and philosophies, please visit my online portfolio.